.308 Win Match 151 grain Chaos hollow point boat tail

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.308 151 grain Chaos hollow point boat tail 

20 count

AVG 2850 FPS out of 24" bolt gun

BC - G1 0.333

energy @ muzzle 2725 FT LBS

only use the best brass period. If you’re not familiar with Alpha munitions click Alpha match grade brass.

Large rifle match primers

Lovex powder

Loaded on state of the art loading machines here in the USA.


  • Many wound channels resulting in extensive damage
  • CNC machined from solid copper or brass, not formed or swaged
  • Exceptional accuracy from the advanced manufacturing process
  • A separate base for penetration along the original trajectory
  • No lead designs for agencies requiring green projectiles

Some good articles of why ammo is gone and so expensive.

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Click here  article on primer shortages Guns and Ammo magazine


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Wannabe Healthnut
Haven't had a chance to fire any yet but my hopes are high..!

I spoke to a close friend who is the Quality Control Manager at a major ammo manufacturer, and he knew all about the Controlled Chaos Projectiles. He even knows the designer and said they have three petals that separate from the base upon penetration to create separate wound channels. I did not know that tidbit of info... All I plan to fire them at is paper at long distances. Where's the new T-Shirt..? "GRIND HARD or GO HOME"

ben arnold
Great ammo!

Chronograph sd of .03 for 10 rounds work amazing in my 12.5!!!

James Wirth
Great round

This is a great round for hunting hogs they just drop with Grind Hard Ammo

Cameron Maxedon
Go too hunting round

Reliable, deadly and accurate.

Nicholas Hutchins
Grind Hard all the way!!

Grind Hard is the only place I go for ammo and these 308 rounds are incredible! Never any issues from a customer service perspective and the product is top notch. Always reliable and extremely consistent. Thank you!