.45 ACP 111 Grain +P Defense 20 rounds

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Caliber: .45acp Bullet Weight: 111gr +P
Bullet Type: Solid Copper, Fluted
Average Muzzle Velocity: 1700 feet per second (5” barrel)
Muzzle Energy: 712 ft-lbs
Boxer primed
Non-corrosive ball powder


      Do you attend the Church of John Moses Browning? Do you wear suspenders to help with carrying a 1911 government model daily? Have you been consistently recognized in your prepper group to be an over-achiever? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the ammo for you!

      Utilizing the same mystical powers of it’s little brother in 9mm, our 45 Xtreme Defense round hits harder than Ike Turner! Built from the ground up to meet the FBI’s specifications for bullet performance and penetration; our Xtreme Defense round achieves 18” of penetration depth while creating a permanent wound cavity over 100% larger than that of a traditional expanding hollow point and we did all of that with less recoil. 

       “But how?” I hear you wondering. Well, a magician never reveals their secrets but lucky for you, we don’t have magicians working in our factory. This solid copper projectile is “barrier blind” meaning it easily punches through barriers like auto glass, sheet metal, or bone without a hitch. On top of that, the flutes on this bullet redirects fluids radially away from the path of the projectile, creating a massive pressure difference that concentrates fluid and tissue/bone fragments and accelerates them into its surroundings. By using a design that doesn’t rely on expansion we’re able to provide more consistent and predictable performance across a wide range of situations. You’re welcome.

Available in boxes of 20. No maximum limit.

All Grind Hard Ammo is guaranteed to provide excellent performance. If it doesn’t we’ll make it right.



Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Wyatt Perez
45 ACP game changer

The science behind this ammo is incredible. It shoots well and preforms excellent down range. I carry it everyday. The picture is 230 grain FMJ Winchester white box on the left vs the grind hard 111 grain +p on the right.

Mike Van Ommeren

Lung exploders

Dayo X

.45 ACP 111 Grain Defense 20 rounds

jim richardson
"Backyard Testing"

With my rather "informal and non-professional" testing this round was impressive. I will carry daily.

Joe B
.45 111grain

.45 111 grain Grinds Hard! It’s a go to ammo.