6.5 Creedmoor Match 131 GR Chaos

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6.5 creemoor 131 grain Chaos 

2825 FPS Avg with 24” bolt gun 

2304 Ft Lbs of energy 

BC - G1 0.476

The development of this technology was the result of an animal control agency's request for a no lead .2644 bullet that would provide extensive wound trauma with little minimal pass through energy. Basically the idea was to burst the bullet into numerous particles at a predetermined depth creating many wounds and a large temporary cavity with shot placement at or near the central nervous system. The agency had tried copper matrix frangible rounds and found the penetration depth and particle size were less than what was require for proper terminal performance.

  • Many wound channels resulting in extensive damage
  • CNC machined from solid copper or brass, not formed or swaged
  • Exceptional accuracy from the advanced manufacturing process
  • A separate base for penetration along the original trajectory
  • No lead designs for agencies requiring green projectiles
  • Top of the line Alpha brass cases using new OCD technology to create the most consistent rifle cases on the market by far. The brass case is not like other hunting cases. If you’re not familiar with Alpha munitions definitely look into them. They’re the best of the best. 
  • Match grade primer
  • Match grade smokeless rifle powder

All of our ammo is first primed on brand new state of the art primer insertion machines before loaded on the most state of the art loading machines. We take each and every step to insure the most consistent and lowest SD (Standard deviation) and ES (Extreme spread) on the market.

We load ammo for shooters because we’re shooters.

Loaded for patriots by patriots.

Designed for hunters by hunters.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Michael Stanley
Hard Hitting Clean Shooting.

Last year I harvested 5 deer in 3 different states with this round. It does the job well. Proper expansion, extensive energy transfer, and little meat lost. I recommend buying more than one box because it doesn’t stay in stock long.

Bill Spalding
Great product (6.5 creedmor)

Great product and fast shipping

jonathan bellamy
Tried them all, Grind Hard is at the top!

This stuff is sub MOA all day long, clean beautiful ammo, I shoot a lot and Grind Hard is good to go, and better then most!

brody rigby
Hog Slayer

Put it in the base of the neck and they drop like rocks. Proven with 2 dozen downed hogs last trip

Ryan Magee
Great ammo at an excellent price

I purchased the 6.5 Creedmoor bullets after having great experience with the Grind Hard 300 Blackout. The 6.5 did not disappoint. The rounds are consistently accurate and very well made.