9mm 90GR Extreme Defense

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Caliber: 9x19mm
Bullet Weight: 90gr
Bullet Type: Solid Copper, Fluted
Average Muzzle Velocity: 1350 feet per second
Muzzle Energy: 364 ft-lbs
Boxer primed
Non-corrosive ball powder


       I know what you’re thinking: “My Grand-Papi says the only bullet that can take down communists is a 45acp!” First of all, my Grandpa could beat up yours. Second, your Grandpa doesn’t even operate. Third, this defensive round is straight-up space magic. 

       Built from the ground up to meet the FBI’s specifications for bullet performance and penetration; our Xtreme Defense round achieves 18” of penetration depth while creating a permanent wound cavity over 100% larger than that of a traditional expanding hollow point. If that wasn’t enough to make you want to call your Grandpa a Pogue: we did all of that with less recoil. 

       “But how?” I hear you wondering. Well, a magician never reveals their secrets but lucky for you, we don’t have magicians working in our factory. This solid copper projectile is “barrier blind” meaning it easily punches through barriers like auto glass, sheet metal, or bone without a hitch. On top of that, the flutes on this bullet redirects fluids radially away from the path of the projectile, creating a massive pressure difference that concentrates fluid and tissue/bone fragments and accelerates them into its surroundings. By using a design that doesn’t rely on expansion we’re able to provide more consistent and predictable performance across a wide range of situations. You’re welcome.

Available in boxes of 20. No maximum limit.

All Grind Hard Ammo is guaranteed to provide excellent performance. If it doesn’t we’ll make it right.


Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Christopher Neel
Fantastic looking rounds!

Haven’t had a chance to shoot someone with them yet..LOL but they look AMAZING and got here super quick!

Daniel Lawrimore

9mm 90GR Extreme Defense

Alex Z.
Happy with my purchase

Fired over 100 rounds with no issues.

Christopher Banks
A very good product.

And tis is 1 of the few self defense ammos that you can get in bulk to.

John DeSantis
One failure to feed.

I picked up three boxes of 90 grain extreme defense. I bought the ammo in my 2-9mm pistols, Glock and Ruger to the range. The Ruger fed three magazines worth without a hiccup. The Glock had a failure to feed after the first round. I ran two more mag through it. The ammo is accurate. I would have given it five stars if it wasn't for that one FTF. I will have to run more through the Glock before I'm comfortable.